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Business Recap Booklet - EzyBusiness - A-Level

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Sometimes a simple booklet with great visualisations can be enough and create a better perspective for viewing content relating to key topics. These books may not be supported by an app but support learning when a phone may not be ideal. Ideal for the young learner drawn to the speed of a visual approach without the support of video explanations.

We don't overdo it and connect you with the knowledge you need and nothing else. Ideal for homework support and exam cramming.

Includes a 70-page booklet that summarises all the key content for the main A-Level Business topic areas. 

This booklet provides you with access to 60 A-Level Business summary pages for students studying the AQA, Edexcel, and OCR exam boards.

  • A5 size, 110g weight, and 70 pages to:
    • 60 summary pages of the key knowledge requirements of each topic
    • Find help faster - no endless thumbing of pages
    • Small and lightweight means it is easy to handle, identify the relevant sections and summon support instantly

IMPORTANT NOTE - The app that originally supported these booklets is no longer available. This is reflected in the price of this booklet-only option.